CEO’s Message

We believe, as decreed by Albert Einstein, that imagination is more important than knowledge and with this idea starts what is now a reality: Construplan, a company that imagined to build a better place for Sonora, transforming environments, without knowing, that March 24, 1980, that this dream would exceed the limits of the State.

It was a priority to rely on two values, those that would define the direction on which our work would be built and built. The first arises from the need to sow confidence, security and tranquility to society, so it is decided to rely on the value of responsibility, with which we decide to respond to our actions and their effects. The second is born of the passionate curiosity to be innovative and to be at the forefront in all our activities, the value: leadership.

In a retrospective we recognize in each project, work, work, a dream concretized in reality, likewise that the spirit of improvement is continuous and unlimited, that the character is strengthened without leaving aside the humility of knowing that we need to continue learning and that success is based on: a vision and defined objectives, in the constant search for work and technological innovation, in the diversification of our six divisions, in being attentive to the business world, in the committed staff and in a business culture which strengthens the organization to compete in national and international markets.

For all the aforementioned, it is a pleasure to share with you the joy of turning 38 years old, a trajectory of work, success and continuous learning …

38 years Building Mexico.

Ing. Alfonso Reina Villegas Construplan CEO
+52 01 (662) 108 0500