Our history

Grupo Construcciones Planificadas S.A. de C.V., emerges with the vision of Eng. Alfonso Reina Villegas, current general director of the organization, graduated with honorable mention of the career of Civil Engineering at the Technological Institute and Higher Education of Monterrey.

He made his foray into the business world by establishing CONSTRUPLAN in the year 1980, based in Hermosillo, Sonora, initiating work in urban infrastructure and having as a standard the values ​​of responsibility and leadership.

One of his first jobs was the development of infrastructure in the town of San Javier de Arivechi, realizing a building / dormitories for children of that region.

Subsequently, he took the opportunity to execute an industrial work for an international class company such as Minera Nyco, which was the trigger for the diversification of work areas in which the company currently operates.

At that time, the objectives changed by changing the vision and mission of the company and opening the doors of the paving and road divisions, heavy construction, electro-mechanical work, gas pipelines, industrial building and, for nine years, the Industrial area Automotive, where it has ventured and have undertaken projects of Technological Innovation, Automation, Control, Robotics, CNC Machining, Lean Manufacturing, among others.

This has been achieved thanks to a defined vision and objectives, to the constant search for work and technological innovation, to the diversification that our six divisions cover, by being attentive to the business world, committed staff and a business culture, the which strengthens the organization to compete in national and international markets, resulting in CONSTRUPLAN has become one of the most important companies in Northwest Mexico in its field.

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