CONSTRUPLAN received from the hands of the Federal Delegate of the Secretary of Labor and Social Welfare, Ricardo García Sánchez, the recognition of “safe COMPANY ” , PASST level 3 (three) which is the Program of Self-management in safety and health at Work, due its implementation on the Mining unit Nochebuena.

This recognition is delivered on the basis of a self-management program through which the safety and hygiene culture is disseminated in all workplaces that constitute the company with the responsibility of protecting the integrity of the worker.

Construplan works at a world-class companies such as: Ford Motor Company, Fresnillo PLC, Modelo Group and Kellogg’s, for whom safety comes first. The important thing about these types of programs is that self-management is totally voluntary, in addition to the handling of internal quality controls and corresponding audits, but the main thing is that the staff itself is self-assured control of the need to care for Safe and health.

Safety allows companies to be more productive, because having a safe environment allows workers to maintain their health, but also enforces organizations to have a plan because without it, is impossible to achieve safety and productivity.

Construplan has more than 1,800 workers in its different operations, the project of the Mine of the Fresnillo PLC Group being the one that won the recognition of the program. The rest of the company has clear about the importance of the safety program among its workers and the responsibility for the administration of the programs in favor of the workers.

We have the responsibility to promote a culture of safety to prevent accidents and loss of life among workers.

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