Automotive Industry and Auto Parts


Service description

17 Years building for the Automotive and Auto Parts Industry

In the year 2000, we started with the Industrial Division carrying out works for the Automotive Industry and Auto Parts at Sonora State, performing:

  1. Outsourcing projects and services under several years contracts for the Contracting and Administration of Construction and Maintenance Projects, Civil Works , Electromechanical Works, Automation & Control
  2. New expansions and changes in their production lines.
  3. We manage more than 70 subcontractor companies, taking full responsibility for the work, acting as guarantors to our customers, for the safety, quality, cost and timely delivery of each of the projects that were assigned to us.

Through the years, our company participated in different expansions of automotive plants in Mexico, where we had the opportunity to perform:

  1. Complete turnkey projects. The construction of complete Buildings, starting with Earthmovement platforms, Civil Works, Assembly of Structure and Roofs, Facilities such as Water, Drains, Fire Systems, Gas Supply, Electrical Work, Instrumentation and Assembly of equipment among many other services.

We were the first Mexican company dedicated to construction that was awarded with the recognition of the Automotive industry for being a reliable and highly responsible company.

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